Custom made projects

squeeze la carte = Style - Timeless - Creations on request

The customer gets exactly what he/she wants

Correct delivery terms, the requested constant quality, everything assembled under one roof

A la carte is UNIQUE

Our collection is completely expandable : this year a polo-shirt, next year a jacket, summer t-shirt, winter polar fleece ... always in the same style, with the same label, colours, finishing.  Make your staff a team!!


A la carte : price = quality = service

Buying department

Clear concept, correct, fast : our complete staff offers you all the support you need

You take a small risk, we make sure that your job remains safe.

Power of the manufacturor

We leave nothing to chance: strong manufacturor, selection of materials ...

Appointment in the showroom is always possible.

As you know we offer you the choice between our standard collection and a collection which is completely made on your request. Here are some examples:

LA cap

Ferrari cap la carte

Nice LA cap with or without embroidery Exclusive Ferrari cap, completly assembled considering the clients wishes

printer Polo

Polo la carte

Polo pique from our printer collection : choice out of different styles, qualities, large range of colours, with or without your embroidered or screenprinted logo.


Polo pique completely made on request with it's very own unique loo. The sky is the limit!

Many possibilities : stripings, contrast colour in collar or pad, labels, private label in collar, breast pocket, your own pms company colour, embroider ...


Fleece la carte

A quality fleece from our large collection A fleece completely made considering your own wishes! Not only your company colour is possible, also finishing (labels, embroidery, private label, pockets, zippers with your own name), making colour combinations...


t-shirt la carte

squeeze t-shirt, Lafayette, harvest Original, Phoenix, printer Stretch, Harvey ... in our colours, with your logo on it. A t-shirt la carte ... completely on request



collectie la carte

A combination with our large collection

This could be your project.